Genomic Regression Analysis of Coordinated Expression
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TCGA Network

We gratefully acknowledge the contributions from the TCGA Research Network.


This study was supported by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Basic Cancer Research Fellowship (15-40-01-CAIL) awarded to Ling Cai; and grants from the National Cancer Institute (CA157996 to Ralph J. DeBearardinis); Cancer Prevention Research Institute of Texas (RP130272 to Ralph J. DeBearardinis) and National Institutes of Health (CA172211-01 to Guanghua Xiao)

Computing Resources

We thank the UT Southwestern BioHPC and Quantitative Biomedical Research Center (QBRC) for the use of their computing resources.

We also thank the Broad Institute FireBrowse team especially Michael Noble for setting up data sharing on the RESTful API.


We thank Ling Cai, Yi Du, David Trudgian and Liqiang Wang for their efforts in designing, implementing and testing the web application.

The dynamic and modern RNA copy number scatter plots are generated by Highcharts.